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        Contact Us

        Zhangjiagang Lihe Marine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

         Contact person: Mr. Lu


         Mobile phone:13906248260

         Service hotline : 0512-58119849


         Mailbox : zjglizhou@sina.com

         Zip code : 215622

         Address: Jiangsu province Zhangjiagang Leyu town red road 41 west of mega Le farm

        About the function and characteristic of cleaning boat

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        About the function and characteristic of cleaning boat

        Date:2017-03-27 Author:http://lzboat.com Click:

        About the function and characteristic of cleaning boat


             There are many kinds of cleaning boats. They are summed up with common features, but they have their own characteristics and scope of application. The cleaning ship concludes with the following functions and features:

        1. automatic cleaning boat has strong functions, simple and flexible operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

        2., with gathering, fishing, harvesting, filtering, transportation, unloading and other functions.

        3. collect and process plants and garbage floating on the surface of the water.

        4 can be used for water, garbage collection and processing of various plants, can also be used to beautify the environment and keep the water clean and pollution-free, and can work in a variety of waters, the flexibility of the shuttle in various terrain

        The company production of water cleaning boat in the river, cleaning up the garbage floating on the water surface cleaning ship, such as firewood, white pollution, animal carcasses, also can harvest the water in the water, wide application range, strong ability to adapt.