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        Contact Us

        Zhangjiagang Lihe Marine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

         Contact person: Mr. Lu


         Mobile phone:13906248260

         Service hotline : 0512-58119849


         Mailbox : zjglizhou@sina.com

         Zip code : 215622

         Address: Jiangsu province Zhangjiagang Leyu town red road 41 west of mega Le farm

        Automatic cleaning boat maintenance money saving trick!

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        Automatic cleaning boat maintenance money saving trick!

        Date:2017-06-05 Author:http://www.stamrozen.com/en Click:

        When cleaning boat use a certain number of years, they will enter the maintenance period, the cost is relatively high. How can we save the cost of maintenance under the premise of ensuring quality?

        1, reasonably determine the maintenance cycle

        Scientifically determine the period between the various types of maintenance operations, not only can make the cleaning ship keep in good technical condition, poor technical condition also enable you to save maintenance costs of cleaning boat accessories, poor quality, or the use of harsh conditions, it should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.

        2, make full use of free testing

        My company has always attached importance to after-sales service, and thus for the cleaning boat benefits is that often enjoy free testing. These free testing many, seemingly simple, in the cleaning boat seems to have no substantive content, in fact, these free testing is very good. These free inspection can be used to clean the ship comprehensive physical examination, timely detection of some potential failures, and the failure to eliminate hidden dangers, save the future high maintenance costs.

        3, as much as possible to reduce the maintenance of non professionals

        In order to prevent premature entry into the cleaning ship maintenance period, you should as far as possible the use of maintenance equipment and all kinds of advanced means, to dismantle free maintenance systems. The cleaning ship, not only can avoid the dismantling and cleaning ship maintenance and repair to parts caused by unnecessary damage, but also can greatly accelerate the speed of ship maintenance and cleaning. To reduce the total cost of maintenance.


        4, proper oil

        The proper oil contains two aspects: one is fuel, two is lubricating oil. Improper choice of fuel, it is easy to cause fuel filter plugging and other failures, so that the engine idling instability, acceleration and fuel consumption and other undesirable phenomena, but also to accelerate the wear of the cylinder, affecting engine life. How to choose lubricating oil, so as to meet the requirements of lubrication, and less money, the basic principle is: to meet the requirements of cleaning boats on the line, only buy the right, do not buy expensive. For example, engine oil, domestic oil fully meet the requirements, there is no need to buy imported. In the winter time of engine filling antifreeze to the cold north area, non ice cleaning ship design should also be on the water freezes before the ship lifting ashore management.