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        Contact Us

        Zhangjiagang Lihe Marine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

         Contact person: Mr. Lu


         Mobile phone:13906248260

         Service hotline : 0512-58119849


         Mailbox : zjglizhou@sina.com

         Zip code : 215622

         Address: Jiangsu province Zhangjiagang Leyu town red road 41 west of mega Le farm

        Water cleaning ship is a multifunctional water surface cleaning ship

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        Water cleaning ship is a multifunctional water surface cleaning ship

        Date:2017-06-06 Author:http://www.stamrozen.com/en Click:

        Water cleaning boats, beautiful appearance, small size, suitable for scenic spots, wetland parks, small lakes, water parks, surface cleaning. The utility model can clean all kinds of aquatic plants, and can also clear various floating garbage on the water surface, and the operation is completely automatic, and the operation efficiency is several times of manual operation.

        Water cleaning ship is a multifunctional water surface cleaning ship. The operation is simple and convenient, and the cleaning of the surface garbage can be easily controlled by various function buttons on the console through the driving room. Collect belt, swing arm, roll rake, crusher, front, middle and rear garbage boat with reasonable. The collecting chamber is arranged at the front end of a rolling rake can split large aquatic plants, improve the garbage into the collection tank speed, a pulverizer is installed on the junction in front and at the front of the cabin cabin. The volume of the aquatic weed is greatly reduced, thereby increasing the storage capacity of the aquatic weed and improving the work efficiency.


        Water cleaning boats, power foot, speed, noise, low fuel consumption, its emission standards reached the European standard II. In the process of operation, no oil pollution or waste is produced, no additional pollution is added to the water surface, the environmental protection standard is met, and the effect of pollution prevention and pollution prevention is achieved.