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        Contact Us

        Zhangjiagang Lihe Marine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

         Contact person: Mr. Lu


         Mobile phone:13906248260

         Service hotline : 0512-58119849


         Mailbox : zjglizhou@sina.com

         Zip code : 215622

         Address: Jiangsu province Zhangjiagang Leyu town red road 41 west of mega Le farm

        Advantages of fully automatic salvage ship and surface cleaning ship

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        Advantages of fully automatic salvage ship and surface cleaning ship

        Date:2017-06-06 Author:http://www.stamrozen.com/en Click:

        Full automatic cleaning ship, clean water, clean the ship automatic ship relative to the ordinary artificial way, improve the work efficiency greatly, as long as a man in the cab operation can complete the salvage, collection and transportation ashore a full set of procedures.


        Some of the roots of the common method of cleaning up the water is very troublesome, and the use of such a dedicated clean-up ship, you can do time and effort. For a floating garbage such as plastic bags, beverage bottles, and aquatic phytoplankton such as water hyacinth, Alternanthera philoxeroides, can achieve good results.

        The hull has treated the tank specially to prevent the leakage of fuel oil and hydraulic oil and pose no threat to the water environment