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        Contact Us

        Zhangjiagang Lihe Marine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

         Contact person: Mr. Lu


         Mobile phone:13906248260

         Service hotline : 0512-58119849


         Mailbox : zjglizhou@sina.com

         Zip code : 215622

         Address: Jiangsu province Zhangjiagang Leyu town red road 41 west of mega Le farm

        All operation procedures of water cleaning ship are controlled by full hydraulic pressure

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        All operation procedures of water cleaning ship are controlled by full hydraulic pressure

        Date:2017-06-06 Author:http://www.stamrozen.com/en Click:

        Surface cleaning ship, also known as garbage salvage ship, is a collection of garbage salvage, mowing, gathering, fishing, filtering, transportation, unloading, equal to one of the modern garbage salvage, aquatic plants, water hyacinth harvesting equipment. All the water cleaning procedures with full hydraulic control, simple, convenient and flexible, is an integral part of the scenic city water cleaning equipment, can also be used as garbage cleaning ship, boat cleaning the lake have received good results.


        Full automatic cleaning ship for urban and landscape of river floating garbage salvage, the operation is simple, the floating garbage collected by self salvage, namely in the process of moving the ship, depending on the role of water storage tanks to promote garbage automatic continuous operation, stable work; curved cover installation module, do not look into the garbage salvage process in the scenic environment and coordination.